Friday, October 7

Iced Coffee

When Starbucks started popping up in every corner
and inside almost all the stores I shop.
I became HOOKED!
Well-At first I was overwhelmed...
BUT I just knew I had to take part in this latest trend of coffee drinking
I mean EVERYONE was doing it!
I never knew what to order and couldn't pronounce half the words
And most of the time I would take one sip and dispose..
Then the unthinkable happened
I found it!!
the one with my name printed all over it!
Chi latte!
then I got bold and started adding some honey!
then a little pumpkin spice!
But I didn't stop there
 I discovered even more amazing flavors!
like MOCHA!
In the winter add peppermint!
WOW! talk about Merry CHRISTmas!
theres more
is a summer must have
OH the chocolate chips!!
I have never liked the flavor of cold coffee before
but starbucks did something to me
I even started buying those Starbuck  Frappuccino mocha coffee drinks.
-the ones in the cute glass bottles!
But let me tell you about being hooked on Starbucks
it costs alot of BUCKS!
-probably where they got the name HA HA

A friend has introduced me to this-

Homemade Iced coffee

1 1/2 cup suger
2 cups water
1/2 cup instant coffee
3 Tablespoon vanilla
Heat water and sugar till sugar dissolves, add coffee and vanilla
for making an 8oz glass use:
 1 cup ice, 1/4 cup coffee mixture and 1 cup cold milk
*it is also good without the ice
store extra coffee mixture in fridge.

To all the Starbuck fans!!!

God Bless

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Anonymous said...

It's even better if you make it with Torani Flavoring Syrup, & drizzle Torani Sauce over it. They have Caramel, Chocolate, Pumpkin, etc. Personally I purchase the Sugar Free version of Torani Flavoring Syrup's, because I watch my sugar intake. Although the Torani sauce is good, I use Smucker's Sugar Free Caramel or Chocolate Sundae Syrup drizzled on top. Delish!