Thursday, March 31


 Do the Easter Bunny Hop!!
 Easter is just round the corner -Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle  has you covered with these sweet Bunny cookie cupcakes
These could really get your party Hoppin'
Check out her blog for the tutorial and Many other fabulous IDEAS.

HOP to inspire
take the ordinary and make the extraordinary
Try them Gluten-free

Wednesday, March 30

April Fool


Layer Cake Meat Loaf RecipeKids' Sushi Recipe

April Fools Berry Soda RecipeTricky Taco Cups Recipe

Want to Fool someone with these Tricky dishes??
You can get the full scoop and more ideas at taste of home!!
clockwise from the top left
Kids Sushi- a little crispy with a chewy wrap
Layer Cake Meat Loaf- meat loaf 'cake' with mash potato icing
April Fools Berry Soda - lets just say- it will be hard to sip this jiggle through a straw!
Tricky Taco Cups- the trick is that its Ice cream with a cherry on top

Hope to inspire you to
take the ordinary and make it extraordinary!

Call me Cupcake

with a cerry on top!

I saw these fabulous cookies cupcakes as I was browsing my favorite blogs this morning!
Make sure you check out the talented Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle
for this fabulous tutorial and other amazing ideas:)

Make the ordinary into Extraordinary!!!

hope to inspire

Tuesday, March 22

Spring into flowers

Spring has officially arrived!!
The flowers are all busting at their seams as they are emerging from the ground.
Spring is here!!
The fresh smell of tulips will soon fill the crisp morning air!
I love flowers! 
Every spring I head to a greenhouse and buy flat after flat of flowers.
AND..It costs a Lotta bucks!

So this year I have decided to grow some indoors 
starting by a tiny little seed....

All my indoor plants seem to wilt and die so this will be a

So I started with these pelts of dirt.

added some water

and made mud! lol

I put it into my little Easter flower pots that I got at Target, along with some seeds, and off to the window sill they go!

and then I WAIT!

After about a week I had almost forgotten about them already and thought to myself, wow they are never going to make it on my watch!

This is what I found

I could hardly believe my eyes!!!
The seeds were going!!

With all the sunshine we had last week, it really had me on my toes to remember to water them!
One night I found them all wilted over and was sure they had died...add water and they came back to life:)

After 2 weeks

Still growing!
 I hope they continue to sprout and are ready for the outdoors soon!!
I just might save on some of my flowers this year!

I hope to inspire you to do the same,
Start your garden of herbs or just some simple flowers!
If I can do it, anyone can:)lol

Friday, March 18

Down Memory Lane

A Trip Down Memory Lane.....

Check out my latest invite I just add into my collection today!
When I started this invite I only had the Tree..
A Tree- what is a Tree

tree, n., 1.a plant having a permanently woody main stem or trunk, ordinarily growing to  a considerable height, developing branches at some distance from the ground. 2.FAMILY TREE


Then I sat and started thinking what I could add to this beautiful twirly FAMILY TREE..
I started sipping some tea...
then it hit me Stepping Stones!!

So  I started bending and twisting circles until I came up with looks sorta like

step'ping•stone', n. 1.a stone for stepping on in crossing a stream. 2. any means or stage of advancement or improvement.

So now I had the tree and stepping stones.
after some more tea sipping came the pink bike!

Everyone has a Family Tree, whether its big or small
We each leave our footprints on the stepping stones of life.
Some of our footprints might have been a little rough and edgy,
 but the Stream of Life has made them shiny and smooth.

So grab your bike and lets ride..
Down Memory Lane!

 mem'ory lane', n. the memory of one's past life likened to a road down which one may travel: to walk down memory lane.

It is one of my favorite, not because of the beautiful twirly tree or the hot pink bike, but of what it entails..
Memory Lane

Memory Lane Picture Frame
I saw this cute idea and wanted to share!!! 

Memory Lane Picture Frame  

  • Picture frame (flat wood or plastic works best)
  • Costume jewelry
  • Foam brush
  • Strong craft glue (we like Crafter's Pick The Ultimate Glue)
  1. To prepare the jewelry, remove earring and brooch backs and unstring any beads. Remove the glass from the picture frame.
  2. Working in sections, use the foam brush to apply a thick layer of glue, then press on the beads and jewelry. When the frame is completely dry, reinsert the glass.

Hope your inspired!

Thursday, March 17

Going Green!

Bring some Green into your everyday life -all year round
and I love it!
This is such a great way to grow herb year round!
Greenhouse Window
Instead of spending the winter gazing through glass panes at frozen flower beds, transform a window into a mini-greenhouse where herbs, houseplants, and even little pots of grass will thrive. For best results, choose a large inset window that receives lots of light.
1. To determine the dimensions of the shelves, measure the depth and width of the window frame, and subtract 1/2 inch from the width.
2. Have a glazier cut a 1/2-inch-thick piece of glass to size for each shelf; for a more finished look, have the edges sanded. Using a level and a ruler for precision, make pencil marks where each shelf support should go, starting from the top of the window frame.
3. Make supports out of molding, available at hardware stores: Using a hand saw, cut two lengths of molding for each shelf (the molding length should equal the depth of the frame). Sand the ends smooth.
4. Drill three evenly spaced holes (just bigger than the head of a wood screw) in each support. Hold a support against the appropriate mark on the window frame, insert the bit of an electric drill through one of the holes, and drill a starter spot into the frame. Repeat for the other holes, then countersink screws so the heads don't show. Repeat for remaining supports. Fill holes with wood putty, sand smooth, and paint supports. Once paint dries, attach a felt dot or plastic glide to each support end, and set glass shelves in place.

Read more at Greenhouse Window - Martha Stewart Crafts

Wednesday, March 16

Rihannas First Birthday!!

I didn't realize just how fast one year could go..until I had a baby!!
She was so tiny.. I thought she would stay tiny forever.
then I blinked and she was One Years Old and walking!

(I made her this tutu with green, white and pink tulle and ribbon)

We had two Birthday Parties.
 a small One for family and a big One for friends

It was a Princess and the Frog in a Winder-1-derland!

a tutu tulle wreath for the front door!
with a R for the Birthday Girl!

tissue pom-pom and snow flakes hanging from the ceiling
bright pink table clothes with silver plates and green napkins
with a princess touch
of the cute tulle pom-pom napkin rings!

Marshmallow Pops with white chocolate and pink sprinkles
~a nice Gluten Free treat added the finishing touch on the tables!

The dessert table with Gluten Free candies.
the best was snow kisses- peppermint meringue cookies

These were cute Froggie favors for the guest.
I made them with felt and pipe cleaners!
I will post instructions soon.
This is the cute Toss the Frog on the Lily Pad
also made with felt

 And to ffinish the Party with these Fabulous Froggie cupcakes
Gluten Free

I made them with a Betty Crocker Gluten Free mix
topped with an amazing frosting!
1 vanilla instant pudding
1/4 cup powered sugar
1 cup milk
 ~whisk, add~
8 oz cool whip
1 teaspoon vanilla

It was an amazing evening thanks to ALL Our wonderful Friends and Family!
I hope your inspired


Tuesday, March 15

STEP AWAY- from the cookie jar!

What is a perfect rainy day? I ask myself.
A day to catch-up on old projects or maybe watch movies in my PJ's all-day.. Most rainy days that might be true but not today..
Today we bake COOKIES.
yup..I said cookies!! 
I use to love baking anything and everything. Now,since I have been diagnosed with celiac, I don't bake as much. I hate it! Nothing taste the same, the textures are all wrong and everything turns out as a flop! 
So one this rainy day I try again and
And they come from a boxed cake mix!!
YUP! Betty Crocker does it again..Gluten Free Style!
lets call these cookies.. Chewy Molasses..

1/4 cup molasses
1/4 cup vegetable shortening
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 large eggs
1/3 cup brown sugar 
1 box (15oz) yellow gluten free cake mix
1 teaspoon cinnamon

AND mix with lots of love
 350' for 12 minutes!

Rihanna loves them!
She was eating one as she watched the little brown mounds being baked in the oven!
I haven't had a cookie  this good in ages
so I ate and ATE and wow..
I'm in a cookie coma!!
and so did Rihanna...while watching the rain.