Friday, October 19

Cheeseburger Soup - gluten free

There is a bit more crispness in the air these days and I would much rather be snuggled up in a blanket and watch all the lifetime movies a day can handle.
But lets face it
its not going to happen.
My days consist of browsing Pinterest to find the latest organizing fab and
of course a simple no calorie Starbucks drink.
Or cleaning.
and cooking.
and baking.
I do have my cleaning a bit more organized (thanks to pinterest!) I'll share about that later.

seems that pumpkin is all the crave these days and I have a smashing recipe that I found that is AMAZING.
But for today I'm cooking up one of our all time family favorite

Cheeseburger Soup

leftover ground beef
instead of broth I used this
instant bouillon

Cheeseburger Soup - gluten free
1/2 lb. ground beef*
3/4 cup onion
3/4 cup carrots
3/4 cup celery
4 cups potatoes
1 teaspoon basil
1 teaspoon parsley flakes
2T butter
3 cups chicken broth*
1/4 cup corn starch
8 oz Velveeta cheese
1 3/4 cup milk
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
3/4 teaspoon celery salt
1/4 cup sour cream
In a saucepan, brown the *beef; set aside. In the same pan melt butter and saute onions, carrots, celery, seasonings and potatoes. Add broth and beef, bring to boil, cover. add 1 1/2 cup milk, Mix 1/4 cup milk with corn starch. stir into soup. on med/high heat. stir until it begins to thicken. add cheese and sour cream.
*I used leftover ground beef, just add when adding the broth
eat with you favorite crackers or corn chips!
enjoy the blissful season!

Wednesday, September 26

Breakfast Burritos- on the go

Everyone seems to be on the go. go. go. these days
grabbing a snack here and there
eating junk
then we see things get added here and there - called LBS
and in the long run it all costs big bucks
lets all face it
junk. isn't. cheap.
today I'm talking about food junk- but in life are a lot of different kinds
and bit by bit I'm cleaning our life from it.

Have you ever opened your freezer that was stuffed full, and yet you couldn't find anything to make.
well I have
thanks to pinterest I've been de-cluttering

wish I would have a 'before' picture

but this is after

organizing the freezer

a tub for-
:potatoes and nuggets
:fruit pops
:and one for breakfast burritos.

on the go. easy. homemade. burritos.

Breakfast Burritos

1 dozen eggs
sausage of choice- I like a precooked spicy sausage for extra flavor
6 slices of Velveeta cheese
salt and pepper

scramble your eggs with your sausage then add cheese and melt.
cool completely!

to assemble you need
12 whole wheat tortilla shells
1 cup shredded cheese of choice

lay out all your shells and evenly distribute your eggs in the center of each shell and sprinkle with cheese.
fold in both ends and roll up like a burrito
and wrap them up tight in clear wrap.

to eat.
place a single frozen burrito in microwave with clear wrap for 1-2 minutes or until heated through

perfect on the go

budget friendly


simplifying one day at a time.

Monday, September 24

Shopping 101

I love to shop.
I love to browse.
I love to take in all the new fashion and styles.
I love to take about 20 pieces into the fitting room and have a fashion show.
I love to sip a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte and dream of bliss....

That was all yesterday.

my first shopping trip after T was born was on a Monday
manic Monday.
plans for the day was to hit a thrift store, craft store, tar-jay and Meijer.
4 stores in all with 2 kiddos
and a single. seat. stroller.
may I add Before T was born we had made this purchase.

Yes I have this beauty
But I was high on Monday and though I was super mom or something.

Day started off great
as I made my way to the store, Rihanna started crying and acting uneasy.
great. just great
as I turned into tar-jay- it happened
all over herself and car seat.
there is noway I'm going back home.
I stripped her down to the undies and wrapped her in a blanket and but her in the single stroller and off we went.
while carrying the car seat.
I was on a mission
after a new outfit and some quick lunch we continued.
this is how I shopped. all. day.
Rihanna was not going to let me put the car seat in HER stroller.

I learned my lesson.
I'm not super mom.
I almost crumbled
But I wouldn't change it for the world.
I love being a manic Monday mom
and. Starbucks saved me.


Monday, September 10

A New addition

This post is LONG OVER DUE!
I've been busy or should I say,
I've been hibernating all year...
just me and the cub
yes she looks like this all the time! miss wild hair!
and then came this little man
Trentyn Cole
we are over joyed!
and now the adventures of being a mommy of two begin..
to start
here's a little sneak -peek of the little mans Sip & See
hosted by my sis-in-laws!
super cute

Stay tuned for the adventure of the first shopping trip:)

Tuesday, January 3

Chocolate cake in minutes

I tried something for the first time today and ALMOST
wish I hadn't
So much for a healthy 2011!!

                                THESE 2                  =        THIS IN JUST 2 MINUTES
                  (with cake ingredients)

Yes in just 2 Minutes!
you can have this!

What you need:
Pamela Chocolate Cake Mix
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups water
1/2 cup oil
mix together and pour some into your preheated and greased griddle
(about the same amount you would for your waffles)
wait about 2 minutes and voila!
if you want it really crispy you could keep it on a bit longer,
but in 2 minutes its nice soft and moist.
perfect with a dab or 2 of ice cream.

What have you made in your waffle iron?
please share, I love new ideas!
God Bless.

Sunday, January 1

DIY advent calender

The hustle and bustle and the flu over took our household the past few weeks...
So now after the holiday is over..
here are some of the steps on making my advent calender

I used an old plank board, the more knots and dents the better.
You need one long enough to hold all 25 clothes pins. mine is 38x5.5
Then using white paint, start giving it a very rough painting.
(make sure that your brush isn't too wet with paint)
In the end it looked like this- very rough.
 sorry that is all the picture steps I have, but the rest is very simple.

You need:
25 regular size clothes pins
ribbon- I used red and green
number stamps (about 1 inch)
black and red ink
hot glue
sting or twine
card stock for
boxes or sayings
(let you imagination wonder)

Cut your ribbon the lengh of the clothes pin and glue with hot glue.
I alternated with red and green, but it doesnt matter.
then space your clothes pins on the board how you would like it to appear.
make sure you leave enough room at the top for your letter stamps.
One by one glue on the clothes pins with hot glue.
stamp on the numbers
and add the goodies

I used twine and gold rope ribbon, but anything would work.
as for the boxes I did them myself, using this pattern.
the dotted lines are for folding

You have a whole year to start one for 2012!!

some ideas from pinterest- (sourses unknowen) I would also like to try!
Pinned Image

Scheduling Assistant
God Bless!!

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