Sunday, January 1

DIY advent calender

The hustle and bustle and the flu over took our household the past few weeks...
So now after the holiday is over..
here are some of the steps on making my advent calender

I used an old plank board, the more knots and dents the better.
You need one long enough to hold all 25 clothes pins. mine is 38x5.5
Then using white paint, start giving it a very rough painting.
(make sure that your brush isn't too wet with paint)
In the end it looked like this- very rough.
 sorry that is all the picture steps I have, but the rest is very simple.

You need:
25 regular size clothes pins
ribbon- I used red and green
number stamps (about 1 inch)
black and red ink
hot glue
sting or twine
card stock for
boxes or sayings
(let you imagination wonder)

Cut your ribbon the lengh of the clothes pin and glue with hot glue.
I alternated with red and green, but it doesnt matter.
then space your clothes pins on the board how you would like it to appear.
make sure you leave enough room at the top for your letter stamps.
One by one glue on the clothes pins with hot glue.
stamp on the numbers
and add the goodies

I used twine and gold rope ribbon, but anything would work.
as for the boxes I did them myself, using this pattern.
the dotted lines are for folding

You have a whole year to start one for 2012!!

some ideas from pinterest- (sourses unknowen) I would also like to try!
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God Bless!!

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