Monday, September 24

Shopping 101

I love to shop.
I love to browse.
I love to take in all the new fashion and styles.
I love to take about 20 pieces into the fitting room and have a fashion show.
I love to sip a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte and dream of bliss....

That was all yesterday.

my first shopping trip after T was born was on a Monday
manic Monday.
plans for the day was to hit a thrift store, craft store, tar-jay and Meijer.
4 stores in all with 2 kiddos
and a single. seat. stroller.
may I add Before T was born we had made this purchase.

Yes I have this beauty
But I was high on Monday and though I was super mom or something.

Day started off great
as I made my way to the store, Rihanna started crying and acting uneasy.
great. just great
as I turned into tar-jay- it happened
all over herself and car seat.
there is noway I'm going back home.
I stripped her down to the undies and wrapped her in a blanket and but her in the single stroller and off we went.
while carrying the car seat.
I was on a mission
after a new outfit and some quick lunch we continued.
this is how I shopped. all. day.
Rihanna was not going to let me put the car seat in HER stroller.

I learned my lesson.
I'm not super mom.
I almost crumbled
But I wouldn't change it for the world.
I love being a manic Monday mom
and. Starbucks saved me.


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