Tuesday, March 22

Spring into flowers

Spring has officially arrived!!
The flowers are all busting at their seams as they are emerging from the ground.
Spring is here!!
The fresh smell of tulips will soon fill the crisp morning air!
I love flowers! 
Every spring I head to a greenhouse and buy flat after flat of flowers.
AND..It costs a Lotta bucks!

So this year I have decided to grow some indoors 
starting by a tiny little seed....

All my indoor plants seem to wilt and die so this will be a challenge.lol

So I started with these pelts of dirt.

added some water

and made mud! lol

I put it into my little Easter flower pots that I got at Target, along with some seeds, and off to the window sill they go!

and then I WAIT!

After about a week I had almost forgotten about them already and thought to myself, wow they are never going to make it on my watch!

This is what I found

I could hardly believe my eyes!!!
The seeds were going!!

With all the sunshine we had last week, it really had me on my toes to remember to water them!
One night I found them all wilted over and was sure they had died...add water and they came back to life:)

After 2 weeks

Still growing!
 I hope they continue to sprout and are ready for the outdoors soon!!
I just might save on some of my flowers this year!

I hope to inspire you to do the same,
Start your garden of herbs or just some simple flowers!
If I can do it, anyone can:)lol

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