Monday, October 3

30 day Mom Challenge

Its is a true honor to be a MOM
Being a stay at home mom is a blessing
but sometimes I get caught up in our everyday hustle and bustle
and tend to miss out on the little things*
and in no time a day goes by
then a week
a month
by the time I finally catch my breath
a year has gone by

so I ask myself
what are they worth?
-they are worth a life of a child
 and of myself
When I tend to over book myself with *things
I get cranky
I cant sleep
which = to cranky
I drink to much coffee
which = a headache
WELL you can see the pattern

I'm going to start on the little things*

Take the challenge! 30 ways, in 30 days, to be the best mom you can be. For each day of the month, find the corresponding number and follow the tip. So, if you begin the challenge on October 3; start with tip 3 and move on from there. You can repeat the list every month!
Pin it on your fridge or on your child's bedroom door.
Or wherever works best for you to get reminded everyday on doing the little things*
because little things always grow into much much bigger things*
God Bless!!

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