Tuesday, September 13

Party Planning Time

Its hard to believe that our baby is turning two this winter!
and time has passed by so fast..
It is so amazing to see her grow each and everyday
she is into my
and yes even my preals
I could spend the whole day just watching her play

more pictures will come soon..I promise
(this lady here is in dire need of a new camera)

So onto another note...
party planning time!!!
last year I had a princess frog theme for her.
you can check it out here
so this year
its a ladybug theme!!
I have seen some amazing parties and cant wait to put hers together!

like this one from celebrations at home blog

or this one from the hostess blog
Ladybug Garden Birthday Party

with a DIY!!

and these from pizzazzerie

Ladybug Party Table with Yellow Cupcakes
ladybug birthday party

So let the planning begin!!:)

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