Thursday, September 29

Beauty of the Lord

Summer has ended and the weather has changed
and another season has begun
I'm almost certain that time is moving faster
and days are much much shorter then they were when I was young
I'm almost certain
a week can go by in 1 day
or maybe its just the joy of being a mom
or maybe I'm just too busy
whatever the case..
I need to slow down and enjoy the day..
just to enjoy the beauty of the Lord..
each and everyday

God has given me this amazing pink flower where its beauty shines among the rusted

He has given me this amazing little girl with the bluest eyes and delicate curls
that just melt your heart to pieces

this say it all- perfectly
super cute note cards-
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There is always beauty amoung us
sometimes we just have to slow down and take in all in

I will be posting a 30 day mom challenge soon
God Bless

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