Wednesday, April 6

Easter Centerpieces

    Have I ever told you how much I love Martha Stewart!
She can take anything and whip it into something
beautiful and amazing!

Yes, there are eggs at Easter time..we color them, decorate them until we have gone mad...then we hide them for the kiddo's and just hope and pray that they find every last one
because if not..You will find it in a month or so when the smell of rotting egg comes fuming out.

NOW, Martha Stewart
has another way with eggs!

She takes them and forms them into these simple yet elegant centerpieces!
Who knew you could put a candle or flowers inside a cracked egg shell and make it look so amazing!
Or simply color them and add them with flowers or ribbon for a beautiful display!
Have I told you its Martha Stewart..
She has skill
She doesn't stop with the eggs,
she goes straight for the nest and adds elegance with beautiful spring flowers.
and now lets not forget the easiest most DIY Easter display,
Flowers inside a paper bag!!!
I simply love it

I hope to inspire you to add a little elegant and simplicity to your Easter table this year.

take the ordinary and make it extraordinary

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