Wednesday, June 15

Life is more then a bowl of CHERRIES!!
AND more.. much MORE

I like rainy days, they bring out projects that I would not attempt otherwise....
or maybe its just boredom..

because after a day of FUN in the SUN
its hard to explain to a one year old that we are not playing outside today!
(and its hard on myself too...)

So I get out my sewing forces and we get to work!
needle and thread style!

this is as close to sewing that I get...
sewing machines are a complete me

I have discovered I like making yo-yos!
go to heather bailey for this amazing tutorial.
its easy
trust me!

I stitched it onto a band that I never use..and
absolutely adorable!

there are so many things you can do with these!
watch-out! heehee

take an
ordinary day and make it extraordinary!

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